Gold Ridge Farm Tour: The Present

These pages cover Spots 24-33.
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Trifoliate Orange

Moving back on a path, we reach Spot #24, Trifoliate Orange, located on the left side of the path. This is a Chinese hybrid, used by Luther Burbank. It is a very thorny plant. Mr. Burbank thought he could work with this plant to improve its fruit. He thought that the trifoliate orange's ability to withstand harsh cold winters would allow it to be grown in the Midwest (lots of snow).

A Closer Look

Mr. Burbank gave up his citrus experiments when his entire citrus orchard was knocked out by three bad winters in a row. He decided that if the winters in northern California were this rough on the trifoliate orange, it would be very hard to help this species withstand the snows of the Midwest. Here is a close-up of the trifoliate orange's fruit.


As we continue on the path, we are getting closer to the cottage. On our left, we can see Spot #25, Rose Hybrids. These hybrids are in several places along the Farm's eastern boundary. Luther Burbank loved roses and worked quite hard to create new species. Most of the species found here are not Mr. Burbank's creations. These are hybrid (two or more types bred together) roses put in by the Stark Bros. Nursery after Luther Burbank's death.

Here is another rose bush in bloom.

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