Gold Ridge Farm Tour: Present

Welcome to Gold Ridge Farm! The Farm's entrance is on Bodega Avenue, a busy street in the town of Sebastopol. Parking is a bit of a concern; there are a few specially designated Farm spaces on Bodega Avenue by the sign in this photo.
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The Gate

After your vehicle is in a proper spot, you walk just above the parking spaces. Here is the entrance. You can see that this gate certainly resembles the gate used at the Farm entrance during Luther Burbank's time. The gate is usually closed (just like in Mr. Burbank's time!), but there's an easy pass-through to the left. Many local Sebastopol residents enjoy walking on the paths that wind through the Farm. Thanks to all the trees, shade is plentiful!

The Cottage's Front Door

When you enter the Farm, you can walk up a gravel road to the cottage. You'll see this road later when you take the tour. There's a container with tour maps to the right of the cottage's front door.

A Tasty Edible Border!

There's a wonderful bed of strawberries bordering the front path by the cottage. The variety in the bed is one developed by Luther Burbank.

Welcoming Sign Amid Stop #32

This is the sign greets you as you go beyond the strawberry border. The Shasta Daisies shown here are your first official designated map stop, even though it's Stop #32. This flower was one of Mr. Burbank's most famous creations. At this point, you're ready to begin the tour!

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