Here's another shot of flower experiments at the Gold Ridge Farm. it's a bit hard to tell, but these are roses.

The Cottage

This is a picture of the cottage on the Farm. The original barn is in the background. If you look at pictures on the Present Tour of the Farm, you can see that the newly built barn looks a lot like the original barn shown here.


Cottage Falls Apart

For many years after Luther Burbank's death, the cottage was occupied. Then, nobody lived in it or took care of it for decades. The cottage started to look pretty bad.

Restoring The Cottage

Over the years, sandy soil washed down under the cottage and caused damage to its foundation. It took the Western Sonoma County Historical Society many years, a great deal of money, and a lot of hard work to restore the cottage. Today, when you tour the Farm, the cottage looks a lot like the way it was during Mr. Burbank's lifetime.

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