A Very Special Gift!

Here, Mr. Burbank is at the wheel of a gift he received from a famous friend. The friend? Henry Ford, of the Ford Motor Company! The gift? The very first tractor off the Ford assembly line! Some rumors have it that the tractor is still hidden away in the Sebastopol area; no one has ever been able to confirm these rumors. What a find that would be!

By the way, the second tractor off the Ford assembly line reportedly went to Thomas Edison.

No Watering Needed !

Here is another picture of the rows of plants at the Farm. The Farm was a great place for Luther Burbank to do his plant experiments. The soil was sandy; in fact, it still is today! Sandy soil provides good water drainage for plants. The farm also had a very high water table. A high water table means that the rain water that is naturally stored underground is very close to the ground's surface. Plants grown on the Farm needed little or no irrigation. Today, due to the increased building development in the Gold Ridge area, the water table has dropped. This means that the ground water isn't as close to the ground's surface as it used to be. The Farm now has an irrigation system.

Shasta Daisies

Here is a long row of Luther Burbank's very famous creation, the Shasta Daisy. As you may already know, it took over 14 years of experimenting to get this flower just the way he wanted it.


This is a picture of "Crimson Winter" rhubarb. Mr. Burbank developed this very productive plant so that rhubarb could be grown in winter. This meant that a farmer could get greater use from his fields. Today, this area of the farm is covered by senior housing. Off in the distance, you can see the Farm's cottage and original barn. The handwriting at the bottom is possibly Mr. Burbank's writing.

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