You're in luck! Here's your ticket to visit Burbank's Sebastopol Experiment Farm. You can stay one whole hour because you've paid $10 (today that would be like $150- or more!). Your ticket is valid since Mr. Burbank himself has signed it! Remember, don't ask too many questions - Mr. Burbank and his assistants are very busy - and...don't take any souvenir plants! To look at Gold Ridge Farm, keep on strolling, I mean scrolling down. 
Farm Entrance

This was the entrance to the Farm. This looks a lot like the Bodega Avenue entrance to the Farm today. Luther Burbank did not want a lot of visitors at the Farm and the gate shown here was usually closed. Mr. Burbank was always very busy with his thousands of ongoing plant experiments, and talking to people took away valuable work time. Luther Burbank did not want to share his plant creations until he felt that the plants were the way he wanted them to be. The gate is open, so you are welcome to show your ticket and come on in!

Gold Ridge & The Farm

This is a very early photo of Gold Ridge Farm, possibly before Luther Burbank purchased the Farm in 1885. 

Cherry Tree

Mr. Burbank is still pretty young in this photograph. He is standing next to a cherry tree. He worked a lot with cherries and other fruit that had pits. Fruits with pits are called "stone" fruits.

160 Grafted Species!

Speaking of cherries, here is an amazing cherry tree. At the time of this photo, this "mother" tree had over 160 different cherry varieties grafted onto it. As mentioned in other sections of the museum, grafting really speeded up plant breeding.

  3 Year-Old Miracle Chestnut

Luther Burbank was always trying to develop plants that reached maturity very quickly. When a plant reaches maturity, it means that the plant can produce a crop or is ready to be harvested. In the case of this chestnut tree, it started producing chestnuts after only three years of growth! A chestnut reaching maturity so quickly was unheard of! This accomplishment added to Mr. Burbank's fame.

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