Welcome to Gold Ridge Farm

Sebastopol, California

Welcome to Gold Ridge Farm, Luther Burbank's Experiment Farm. There are two types of "virtual" tours available for Gold Ridge Farm. Check out the tour descriptions given below. To take either tour, just click on the picture and go!

You can always take both tours, but I would really recommend that you take the Present Tour first!

Present Tour - The Present Tour is just like following the map that visitors use when they look around by themselves. If you take this tour, you'll see the Gold Ridge Farm as it looks today. You can also learn about some of the plant species that Mr. Burbank created, and how he actually did some of this work. You can even learn how to use a quince! (You may even find out what a quince is!)
Past Tour - The Past Tour is a collection of original photos that show Gold Ridge Farm as it was during Mr. Burbank's lifetime. Remember, this is a good tour to take after the Present Tour. Just like the Past Tour of the Santa Rosa Home and Gardens, it's kind of fun to compare these photos to those of Gold Ridge Farm as it looks today.
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