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Welcome to the Luther Burbank Film Festival at the Burbank Bijou, the Festival that only has one star: Luther Burbank! In Luther Burbank's time, movies were very popular, with other short films called newsreels often shown with the main feature. Newsreels could be about many topics: current politics, foreign news, football games, bad weather, and movie stars. Luther Burbank was well-known and appeared in several newsreels.
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The "newsreels" available on this site are Quicktime movies that have been designed to play with most plug-ins. To see these movies, you must first download them to your computer. Depending upon the speed of your internet connection, downloading may take anywhere from 1 minute to a few minutes per movie. To download and see a specific movie, click on the highlighted link. This will take you to the movie. The movies are pretty short (to make downloading easier), but you can still get a sense of who Mr. Burbank was.

There are 4 newsreels links located on this page. To see four more newsreels, click on the link at the bottom of this page.
The 1924 Potato Festival in the San Joaquin Valley

See Luther Burbank receive the Golden Potato!

Gaze in wonder at the the woman in the Shasta Daisy-Mobile!

Watch the Potato Festival!

The 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition

See Thomas Edison! See Henry Ford!

Glimpse Luther Burbank as he is almost kiddingly bumped out of the movie frame by Thomas Edison!

Watch The Three Friends!

Luther Burbank Meets King Albert of Belgium!

Why did the King of Belgium visit Santa Rosa? To see Luther Burbank! Before he was a king, Albert of Belgium was a lowly agriculture student and spent the summer of 1890 working with Mr. Burbank.

Watch the Student and His Teacher!


Luther Burbank's 77th Birthday!

Attend Luther Burbank's Santa Rosa birthday party and watch him count his candles!

Join the party!

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