Luther Burbank was beloved, not only in Santa Rosa, but all over the world.
A Big Parade

This photo was taken in 1924 at a festival in the San Joaquin Valley. What type of festival, and why was Luther Burbank the special guest? You probably guessed it - a potato festival! Mr. Burbank has a "golden" potato in his left hand. This award was given to him because he introduced the Burbank russet potato, a very important crop in the San Joaquin Valley/Delta area in the 1920s. The car in this photo is covered in Shasta Daisies to honor another of Mr. Burbank's famous creations.

To see footage of the "golden" potato presentation, go to the Movie Theater.


Rose King

This "crowning" of the Rose Carnival King took place in the 1920s. This was part of the annual rose celebrations in Santa Rosa. Today, this annual celebration is called the Luther Burbank Rose Parade.

Arbor Day 1921 in Santa Rosa

In this photo, Mr. Burbank is holding a young tree in his hand which will be planted as part of the Arbor Day festivities.Arbor(tree) Day is March 7th; this is also Luther Burbank's birthday.

Which came first - Arbor Day or Luther Burbank?

Luther Burbank; March 7th was chosen as Arbor Day in California to honor Mr. Burbank!

Mr. Burbank's 77th Birthday

In Santa Rosa, Luther Burbank's birthday seemed to always be a reason for celebration. The birthday cake is covered with candles and Shasta Daisies.

To see footage of this celebration, go to the Burbank Bijou Movie Theater.

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