Although he never had his own children, Luther Burbank loved children. Mr. Burbank once wrote: "Folks wonder how I've kept so young. I'm almost seventy-seven and I can still go over a gate or run a foot-race or kick the chandelier. That's because my body is no older than my mind - and my mind is adolescent. It has never grown up. It never will, I hope." (Harvest of the Years)

Look below to see if Mr. Burbank did stay young at heart!


Here, Luther Burbank is doing somersaults on a lawn while a group of children watch. Everyone is pretty dressed up, including Mr. Burbank, so this might have been one of the numerous local festivals. This photo was taken in Santa Rosa, probably in the 1920s.


More Fun!

This photo was probably taken at the same event as the photo above. Mr. Burbank is standing on his head; the girls in the background seem to approve.


A Bouquet of "Roses"

This must have been close to the Rose Carnival (today called the Rose Parade) because these young ladies are dressed as roses. The collars around their necks are petals, and their pants are stems and leaves. This photo was probably from the 1920s, in Sonoma County.

Luther Burbank Pageant

Here stands Luther Burbank, surrounded by Fulton School (Sonoma County)students in costume. Although it is hard to read in this photo, the sign in the center has a photo of Mr. Burbank, along with the words,"Luther Burbank Pageant, Fulton School." This photo was probably taken in the 1920s.

Golden Jubilee

This photo was taken in Santa Rosa in 1923. The girls are dressed up for the Golden Jubilee.

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