About The Luther Burbank Virtual Museum
1998 S.C.O.R.E. History/Social Science Project

This "virtual museum" was created by Cathy Parker as a Schools of California Online Resources for Educators' Social Studies Project in the summer of 1998. This site is part of an exciting new network of Online Resource Centers in California linking quality resources from the World Wide Web to the California curriculum. The project was begun as a program of the Curriculum and Instructional Steering Committee of the California County Superintendent's Education Services Association and is now funded and managed through the California Technology Assistance Project. Additional support has been provided by the 1882 Professional Development Consortia of Regions 8 & 11 and by the California History-Social Science Project. SCORE H-SS is administered by San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools in partnership with Butte County Office of Education and San Joaquin County Office of Education. 

Site Acknowledgments

The Luther Burbank Virtual Museum would not have been possible in its current form without the tremendous help of the Luther Burbank Home and Gardens and the Western Sonoma County Historical Society. Special acknowledgment goes to the Home and Gardens' archivist, Lynne Collins, and to the Gold Ridge Farm's director, Hal Skinner. Their enthusiasm, cooperation, extensive background knowledge, and patience helped transform this museum. Thanks also to Clare Clark, WSCHS archivist, and Cathy Stevenson, coordinator for LBHG, for their help. With such wonderful support and collaboration, this site has become very special.

Photo/Primary Source Credits:

"Present" Tours Pages - All current photos of the Luther Burbank Home and Garden in Santa Rosa and Gold Ridge Farm in Sebastopol used on these pages were taken by Cathy Parker, June-September, 1998.

Most of the images on the following pages are used with permission from The Luther Burbank Home and Gardens

  • Burbank-abilia! - Famous People, Special Events, Children, Nursery Business, Scientist, 
  • Past Tours: Home and Garden, Gold Ridge Farm 
  • Home and Gardens Site Map 

Additional images on the following pages are used with permission from The Western Sonoma County Historical Society:

  • Burbank-abilia! - Scientist, Famous People, Nursery Business 
  • Past Tours: Gold Ridge Farm, Home and Garden 
  • Amazing Uses for Cacti! 
  • Gold Ridge Farm Site Map 
  • Burbank Bijou Theater: videotape of Burbank newsreels 
Plant Guide shown in Teacher Resources shown with Jeff Tobes' permission.
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