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Welcome to SCORE History/Social Science!

Schools of California Online Resources for Education, History/Social Science (SCORE H/SS) evaluates, aligns, and annotates quality resources from the World Wide Web to the California History-Social Science Content Standards and curriculum. The project was begun in 1995 as a program of the Curriculum and Instructional Steering Committee of the California County Superintendent's Education Services Association (CCSESA) and is now funded and managed through the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS).

The SCORE H/SS content Resources have been selected and evaluated by a team of educators from across California. SCORE H/SS features over 3500 primary and secondary web resources annotated and indexed to California's curriculum. These sites may be accessed through a search by grade level topic, content standard, or keyword on the SCORE H/SS database. After a continuous review of thousands of sites, these particular resources were chosen for their alignment to content standards, accuracy, grade appropriateness, and richness.

There are over 1200 Lessons and activities on SCORE H/SS that address the California standards through active learning. Some require Internet access in the classroom, but others may be printed off for use in the connectivity-challenged school. In addition to the criteria listed above, lessons/activities were selected to meet the needs of California's diverse student population, meet the needs of classrooms with different levels of internet connectivity, and provide memorable learning experiences for students. Visually rich Virtual Projects & Field Trips were also selected to support English learners and challenged readers.

Find books and other print resources to support the classroom in the Children's Literature section of SCORE H/SS. Search the H/SS Literature K-6 or Middle School lists to find any of over 2500 annotated entries for historical fiction, nonfiction, biographies, and primary sources aligned to California standards. Each list is searchable by standard, author, or title.

Each month one or more Special Features are highlighted on the SCORE H/SS homepage. This may be a virtual field trip along the Underground Railroad, resources for a social studies related holiday such as President’s Day, or a special issue such as proper ways to address December holidays in the classroom. These specials bring the curriculum alive for students.

Many other features on SCORE H/SS support interest in and understanding of History/Social Science. This Month in History provides a calendar marked by significant historical events that occurred on particular days that was developed by the Constitutional Rights Foundation. Student Events provides information and support for participation in National History Day and other popular social studies related student events. Online News Sources is a quick way to find information about breaking stories from many different perspectives.

The Just for Teachers section has an array of material to support quality social studies classroom instruction. The section on Standards & Assessment has copies of the California History/Social Science Content Standards as well as up-to-date information about state assessment. The sections on H/SS Strategies, Content Literacy, Technology & Social Science provide educators with many ideas for effective uses of technology in the classroom, methods to improve comprehension of history/social science readings, and strategies to improve learning and build motivation for all types of students. In addition, teachers will have direct access to Supporting Organizations such as the Center for Civic Education, National Geographic and the California Council for Social Studies that provide support, programs and materials for history/social science. Course Models provide sample units of study produced by the California Department of Education for new teachers. The California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) provides annotated lists of standards-aligned electronic resources such as CDs, DVDs, videos, etc.

Though all SCORE H/SS resources have been evaluated and annotated, teachers should review any site used for appropriateness in their classroom. It is especially important to use materials at the intended grade levels. Moving beyond the SCORE pages will allow students to access unknown material.

If you have new resource sites or activities that have worked well for your classroom, or wish to give feedback on the sites listed here, share them with us!

Questions, comments, and suggestions may be addressed to

Resources on the SCORE H/SS pages were evaluated by history/social science leaders in California. Going beyond these links allows student access to unknown material. Each school site is responsible for evaluating resources for appropriateness in the local school community.

A Project of the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools.

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