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Resource Selection Criteria

SCORE History/Social Science web resources are reviewed and selected according to the following criteria.

The resource is...

  • aligned to California History/Social Science Content Standards/Framework
  • accurate (secondary sources) or authentic (primary source)
  • grade level appropriate
  • technically sound and visually well designed
  • current and authoritative


  1. Awesome = these characteristics plus more
  2. High = all of the above
  3. Medium = most of these characteristics
  4. Low = a necessary site but it needs improvement in two of the areas

Lesson/Activity Selection and Development Criteria

Lessons are selected and developed to support student learning of the California History/Social Science Curriculum.

* = essential

  • Supports the California History/Social Science Content Standards/Framework
  • Includes a teaching/learning sequence that is clear, complete, and doable*
  • Develops information literacy skills*
    • define task or problem
    • determine information needed
    • access and analytically read information
    • evaluate information and synthesize ideas
    • present an idea or argue a perspective or solution to a problem
  • Supports and extends grade-level and/or developmentally appropriate skills*
  • Includes a clear purpose that is achieved through the activity or lesson*
  • Embeds a variety of resources, print and electronic*

The lesson may also...

  • Include a task that poses a problem with multiple solutions and incorporate a variety of learning strategies*
  • Correlate with related fields of study and encourages multiple modes of production*
  • Enable students to actively construct knowledge and meaning
  • Include clear criteria for evaluation of student project*
  • Target the learning needs of special school populations

Questions, comments, and suggestions may be addressed to

Resources on the SCORE H/SS pages were evaluated by history/social science leaders in California. Going beyond these links allows student access to unknown material. Each school site is responsible for evaluating resources for appropriateness in the local school community.

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